Scott's Projects

Scott' Projects

Front-end Capstone: GiftCard X-Change

This project is a webpage where buyers and sellers of gift cards can go to rid themselves of unwanted cards. Written in Angular with a Firebase DB, this single-page app is designed for a buyer or seller to quickly create an account and then buy or sell their gift cards.

Link to GitHub repo

Back-end Capstone: Wordris

This project is a Tetris-like game where the player directs falling blocks that each contain a random letter into forming words. The words are validated by a Dictionary API and stored in an Entity Framework DB for later reference. Once validated, the word disappears and points are awarded, depending on the letters the word contains. If the letters accumulate too high, the game will end. This program is mostly written in Javascript with WebAPI and some C#.

Link to GitHub repo Play the Game

Side Projects: Project Euler puzzles

Project Euler is a website ( that has mathematical problems that can be solved through the use of a computer. I have added some of my solutions to my GitHub page. They are just HTML files with Javascript embedded. The later ones (8-17) are commented. I am still updating the earlier ones (2-7) with comments.

Link to GitHub repo